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Executive Director Comments

We are very encouraged by the continuing success of the program. Our mission is being fulfilled in 94% of the residents who responded to our survey. While that is a significant number, we are not willing to rest on that. We will use this research to build on our foundation and to address areas of programming in the ministry. Those areas include:

  • Evaluation of current programming in residential homes to address issues highlighted in report
  • Continued emphasis on our aftercare program so that even more of our graduates can successfully navigate post-program transitions. Specifically, we will work to: Connect graduates with accountability partners
  • Connect graduates with life-giving churches and pastors
  • Help them find stable, healthy living conditions
  • Support them with appropriate materials that reinforce the tools they received while in the program.

Review of the encouragement and resources provided to young women on our waiting list. They perceive that they are less well-adjusted prior to coming into the program than ever before. We want to be as effective as possible in supporting them before they come into one of our homes.

Consideration of providing additional resources to churches and pastors who provide a supportive community for our graduates. We want to ensure they are equipped to minister to graduates in their churches.

Leah Hayes, Executive Director