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Ditch the Baggage Promotional Materials

Do you have a heart to help other people find freedom and wholeness? Our Ditch the Baggage series teaches a biblical model of freedom used in all of our Mercy homes. It includes a book, study, and teaching videos (which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another) to help people break free from the life-sapping thoughts and behaviors blocking them from living life as it is supposed to be lived in Christ!

Below are resources you can use to promote the Ditch the Baggage series to your church leaders, congregations, schools or communities – and help us spread the message of hope and freedom to all!

Click here to download Series Flyer PDF (2 sided)

Click here to view Ditch the Baggage Preview

Click here to download Study Flyer PDF

Click here to view Ditch the Baggage Testimonies

For more information about our Ditch the Baggage series, contact Melanie Wise at