Do you feel like no one understands or accepts you?

Do your choices keep you from believing change is possible?

Are you thinking, “There must be more to life than this”?

You are not defined by your struggles, and you do not have to live your life under a list of labels and diagnoses.
Nancy Alcorn
Founder & President, Mercy Multiplied

You Were Created For More

Jessica was sexually abused as a child and believed the lies that she was worthless. Then she discovered her true worth as a child of God.

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Franny was trafficked by a family member. Upon coming to Mercy Multiplied, she was “immediately met by a tangible expression of God’s love.”

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Depression, suicidal thoughts, and drugs controlled Caitlin’s life before Mercy Multiplied. But she discovered that she was created for more.

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What’s Holding You Back From True Freedom?

Mercy Grads Help Answer Your Concerns

I walked through the doors of Mercy and remember it being so different than what I expected … so much love from all the staff and all the girls. I was like, “Wow!” It was a home. It was nothing like I had pictured.
Kristin, 2006 Mercy Graduate

Between high school and college, I was sent to a treatment center and was admitted to hospitals eight different times, but nothing made me better and I still wanted to die. It was during my final hospital admission that I found out about Mercy. I didn’t want to be living in the same self-destructive cycles for the rest of my life and I knew I couldn’t receive healing without God, so I knew Mercy was my best option. God has done so much for me during my time at Mercy! He’s taught me that I’m not, and will never be, alone; He is always with me. I learned that I actually have a will and am able to make my own decisions and take personal responsibility for my life, myself, and my actions. I’ve also learned to hear God’s voice and have developed an actual relationship with Him.
Samara, 2018 Mercy Graduate

I would say … just do it. It is way less scary than you would ever think. It’s such a small period of time in your life. Maybe in that moment, we think, that seems like forever… but it went by so fast. It went by crazy fast. It’s so worth it!
Kristin, 2006 Mercy Graduate

I left college and collegiate athletics and took two years off total. After graduating from Mercy, I spent five months readjusting to a new life and getting plugged in to a church before I started college again. I just graduated double major in biblical studies and intercultural studies. I had opportunities at school and with scholarships that I never would have had without going to Mercy. My experience at school the second time around cannot even compare at all to my first time. My quality of life was amazing because I was free of my life controlling issues and had a loving relationship with Jesus. I was able to focus on school work and on ministry. I would encourage any girl who is deciding whether to go or wait, to go.
Briana, 2015 Mercy Graduate

I suffered depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. I thought it was useless to go to church and that God will never be able to help a person like me. It was a two-and-a-half-year battle of unsafe relationships and friendships. After another sexual assault, I knew I needed help. At Mercy, I learned that God places people where He wants us to be for a time. I realized that God has great plans for me in Jeremiah 29:11. He allowed me to have joy and laughter back in my life, which is more than what I can thank Him for.
Colleen, 2018 Mercy Graduate

God showed me that he had not abandoned me but had pursued me while I was running from him, and he had protected my life. God showed me his love in a new way. He took away my shame and gave me joy instead.
Claire, 2018 Mercy Graduate

There is nothing too big or too small for God.

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There is no problem too big or too small for God.

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