“Me in Mercy” Spotlight: Whitney Murray


“Me in Mercy” Spotlight: Whitney Murray

At Mercy Multiplied, we love hearing stories of how our supporters are becoming the “Me in Mercy.” Some do so with their giving or volunteering of their time, while others attend our benefits, luncheons, 5K Races, MPower Workshops or lead our Keys to Freedom study.

Whitney Murray is one of those supporters who is the “Me in Mercy” through her discipleship. Her passion for Mercy began several years ago when she found Nancy Alcorn’s Mission of Mercy book in a book store and immediately fell in love with the ministry’s mission. Whitney quickly found herself diving into all things Mercy. She started listening to the MercyTalk podcasts, which led her to our Keys to Freedom study.

The Keys to Freedom study unlocks a deeper understanding and application of the seven keys to lasting freedom that have been proven to be transformational to thousands of hurting young women in Mercy’s residential program. Anyone wanting to be equipped with tools for lifelong freedom can dig into a new key each week, encountering freedom at new levels and experiencing life as Christ intended.

After reading through this study, she decided this information needed to be shared with others. Initially she was thinking about doing a one-time teaching of the series, but she saw so much fruit produced after that first session that she eventually led the study three times within a year.

Her first study was with a group of friends as well as some of her step mother’s friends. This gave her the chance to gain confidence leading the study in front of people she knew as well as ones she did not know before officially leading a small group at her church. Everyone in the group completed the study and 3 were baptized. Within that year, six people who attended these studies were baptized.

Although she led the study 3 times consecutively, she shared that each time, God revealed something new to her; bringing different areas of healing into her own life. God used the teaching to not only help others break free from bondage, but He also used the teaching to speak to her personally.

"Me in Mercy" Spotlight: Whitney MurrayWhitney’s passion for helping others through this study caught the attention of the pastor’s wife at her church where she was offered and accepted a job in their Outreach Department. In what ways will your becoming the “Me in Mercy” multiply your life and the lives of those around you? Join the movement today!

We hope you feel encouraged as we continue to break through the walls of Mercy and multiply all over the world. It is because of our supporters, donors, and followers that we can see stories just like this one.

If you want to be the Me in Mercy just click here and get your own copy of the Keys to Freedom study.