Tomeia – 2018 Graduate

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Tomeia – 2018 Graduate

Tomeia | 2018 Mercy GraduateMy mother was a single parent while I was growing up because my father was physically and verbally abusive. I was sexually abused at the age of 12, and as a result, I had low self-esteem, no confidence, and trust issues. I felt unloved and looked for unhealthy relationships in others to feel safe from abandonment and rejection. I would look to the approval of others to give me self-worth and identity. The more attention I was given, the more I craved. In 2017, I married my best friend of eight years. In the beginning, the relationship was great, and my needs and desires were finally being met. But like any relationship, we began to experience conflicts and bumps in the road, although I continued to remain hopeful that things would change. Instead, our relationship became a physical and verbal battle. It was then that I wanted to give up on life. I felt like a complete failure. I felt like nothing in my life would ever be right and that I was to blame for all of it. I was broken.

After a physical battle between my husband and I, my cousin recommended Mercy to me. I knew I needed help and after trying to stay home and seek help in other institutes, I felt like a work case instead of a human. I knew the only chance I had at seeking real help was to apply to Mercy. When I arrived, I was still skeptical because I did not believe this place would help me. I hid behind my wall of deception and tried to cover up my brokenness.

One specific turning point for me during the program was when a team of people came to the home to pray over all the residents. They not only confirmed what I was already hearing from the Lord, but they helped me see that I am not just a survivor—I am an overcomer. The verse that came to my head that day and has remained with me was Revelations 12:11. It has been my inspiration ever since.

While at Mercy, God taught me how to take back my life with power, authority and confidence. I learned that choosing to forgive is a significant key to walking in wholeness and freedom. I was able to hand over my desire for revenge to the Lord and trust Him to be the God of justice in all my situations. I learned to renew my mind daily and speak God’s truth out loud to give me hope.

After I graduate, I plan on going back home to my family and building a safe and supportive community. I would like to find a job while pursuing my Masters in Business and Public Relations. I also plan to work on launching my own clothing line someday geared toward helping others put on their true identity in Christ.

Thank you Mercy donors for all of your love and support that you put into helping the lives of so many girls like me who come into this program with no hope. You have been such a blessing and a big contributor of me being here. If it was not for your generous donations, your prayers and support, I and so many others would have not been able to afford getting help. I am grateful and do not take lightly all the blessings I have received while being here.