Mariah – 2018 Graduate

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Mariah – 2018 Graduate

Mariah | 2018 Mercy GraduateWhen I was five years old, someone I should have been able to trust abandoned me. To cope with the pain, I struggled with anxiety, self-harm, and depression. When I was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, and I knew that it was time to change my life around. That’s when my youth group leader told my mom about Mercy Multiplied.

While I was at Mercy, God showed me that He is a loving father to the fatherless. He was there in the middle of my breakdowns. A big turning point for me was when I found out that the sexual abuse that happened to me is not my fault.

After graduating from Mercy, I want to travel the world, telling my testimony to girls and sharing about the love of Jesus Christ. I plan to go to a new school in the fall and start fresh and show people the old Mariah is gone.

To the donors of Mercy, you don’t know how much you mean to us girls in the Mercy program! Your heart to help shows us that someone that doesn’t even know us can love us, and that just helps us realize the love of God—that God loves us enough to put you in our lives to help us. Thank you so very much!