Roots of Addiction: Workaholism


Roots of Addiction: Workaholism

We all have a need to feel valued, but sometimes that drive for value and purpose can lead to an addiction to work. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, along with special guest, Brooke, as they discuss workaholism and the need for value that it attempts to meet. An addiction to work can create many issues in someone’s life, relationships and relationship with God. We hope you will join us as we talk through:

  • What workaholism is from a Christian perspective
  • How addiction to work can impact the individual struggling as well as their relationships with God and with others
  • Ways to rein in overwork in your own life and find time for rest
  • How our value can be found in our relationship with the Lord and who He says we are in Christ

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