Roots of Addiction Introduction: Part 2


Roots of Addiction Introduction: Part 2

Join us on MercyTalk this week as we add another layer to our discussion on the roots of addiction. Addiction does not just manifest through substances – such as drugs and alcohol – but through other things – such as sex, social media, work, food, and even, approval. Join hosts, Jen and Melanie, and special guest, Brooke, as the discussion continues to unfold on addiction, how it works and how it can rob you of the freedom God intended you to have. They will also discuss:

  • The similarities and difference between substance addiction and addiction to areas such as social media, food and work.
  • Why many people think of substances when they hear the term “addiction.”
  • Why it is a struggle in our culture to acknowledge these other outlying areas as addictions.
  • The healthy needs that addiction tries to meet and the importance of getting to the root to experience freedom from addiction.

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