Charlotte Gambill Inspires Mercy Residents and Staff


Charlotte Gambill Inspires Mercy Residents and Staff

January 21, 2016


LIFE Church Lead Pastor Charlotte Gambill
teaching in the Nashville Mercy home

Pastor Charlotte Gambill visited the Nashville Mercy home this week to encourage and challenge residents and staff. Charlotte leads LIFE Church in England with her husband Steve and is a long-time supporter of Mercy Multiplied. Mercy staff and residents loved her practical and passionate application of God’s Word.

Charlotte shared a story from 2 Kings about a tale of two women who chose different responses to the same situation. Queen Athaliah saw her grandson as a problem and a threat to her power, and so chose to act wickedly. Princess Jehosheba viewed him as the solution and God’s provision for the future, and so chose to pursue hope and restoration.

Charlotte challenged the group to consider both approaches and how, in our own present-day situations, we can choose to feed our pain or feed our futures. She pointed out that isolation breeds frustration, keeping us centered on our problems and stunting our personal growth. She challenged us to connect with Godly people and receive wise counsel. Charlotte specifically challenged the residents to use their time at Mercy to improve themselves, not prove themselves.


Pastor Charlotte empowering Mercy residents
and staff with passages from 2 Kings

Mercy residents Hope and Grace shared how Charlotte’s teaching impacted them:

This teaching really helped to illustrate that we choose who we want to be—that we can continue to fight our past or choose to embrace the future that God has called us to and let Him vindicate us, because He has already defeated our past. It was powerful to see that often times the things that are hard is what God uses to improve us and give us a better life. –Hope

The point Charlotte made about isolation breeding frustration was very good! Forever I’ve been isolated and things always just go worse. Now that I am in community and in the light, things and issues within my own heart are actually improving. –Grace

In a separate session specifically for Mercy staff, Charlotte taught from another 2 Kings passage titled “Death in the Pot.” She encouraged the Mercy team to always look for ways to “make stew” or bring resource to situations that are seemingly lacking. She explained that in times of expansion and growth there needs to be room for empowerment, honesty and grace.

Mercy is grateful for the partnership of Pastors Charlotte and Steve Gambill and LIFE Church. For more information on how you or your organization can partner with Mercy, click here.