10 More Mercy Graduates Find Healing and Hope

September 8, 2015

At Mercy we see again and again God’s love and power redeem and restore the most broken lives with healing and hope. The 10 young women highlighted below are among the 88 amazing women who have graduated from Mercy so far this year. We hope you’re encouraged by their life-transforming stories.


“God has promised that He is with me all the time. He is my comforter. He’s the only thing I need to survive in this world. He loves me more than I ever thought was possible. Mercy supporters, thank you for fighting for me when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself.”

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“While at Mercy, God truly redeemed and revived me. He has become my all-time love, and I’ve learned that He is my everything. I am His beautiful beloved daughter, so it does not matter how anyone tries to define me. I have learned that my worth is all in Him.”

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“I could write a whole book on what God did in my life while I was at Mercy!  He freed me from self-injury, the oppression of suicide, the bondage of sexual abuse and sex-trafficking, and the control of bulimia. His infinite love for me allows me to love myself in a healthier way.”

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“While at Mercy I learned I am not defined by what I have done and what people have done to me. God has shown me that He will use my past for His glory. I learned that when I can’t be confident in myself, I can definitely believe God for the impossible.”

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“When I arrived at Mercy I was closed off and angry. I had no room for love because my heart was full of bitterness. I wanted to get healing so bad, but I just wasn’t sure it was possible. I was so scared to get hurt again that I did not want to let anyone in. Slowly that all began to change.”

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“At Mercy God showed me that I have a choice between life and death…that I have power behind the choices I make. I can choose to be oppressed, depressed, anxious, starved, or suicidal, OR, I can choose to drop those nets of negativity and trust that He will catch me.”

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“On August 19th, Mercy gave me my entry date. August 20th was the day I had planned to kill myself. I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t found God’s love through Mercy. Not only has He kept me alive, He gave me a life to live! Mercy has 100% changed my life.”

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“My turning points at Mercy were slow. Little by little I started to want freedom. God brought feeling back to what had become numb. Learning the character of God helped me trust Him, allowing Him access to the broken, hurting places.”

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“I have learned amazing tools for healthy living. I have learned how to ask for forgiveness and to exchange my old behaviors for new, healthy ones. I have learned practical tips for living and staying connected to Jesus. I am eternally grateful to God and the Mercy staff!”

Click here to read Victoria’s story.


“God used Mercy to save my life. My journey was long and hard, but I never dreamed that I could experience this kind of freedom and intimacy with God. I’m not the same person, and I don’t think the same way. My life is transformed.”

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